Private Session Testimonials

"I have had readings previously from other intuitives over the years, and Desiree is the most talented I’ve used. The intuitive and Akashic messages and guidance I received were crystal clear, specific, detailed, and SO on point! Every word resonated with me, and the validations and confirmations I received almost brought me to tears. Her dedication and appreciation of her abilities shows in her humble delivery and authentic demeanor, which in turn allowed me to be completely comfortable and confident in sharing very personal information about myself. Desiree is a spiritual treasure and one I will cherish again and again!"


Michelle, Healer

"Desiree’s beautiful presence and energy created a safe, calm space of awareness as she guided me through a deep journey into my truest self. A powerful experience within every passing second!"


Kurt, Teacher

"Desiree is no ordinary intuitive, and that’s a good thing! Since I started seeing Desiree, my life and perception of it has radically shifted for the better. Desiree doesn’t give predictions or cast spells for a quick fix. She gives her clients real homework, homework that has worked wonders on my self-esteem and self-worth. Good results don’t happen overnight, and Desiree understands this. Good things come to those who work at it! I highly recommend her!"


Christine, Writer

"Desiree is an undeniably gifted intuitive reader. Her connection is full-hearted, and her ability to help people see past their current blocks and tap into their capacity to live more self and soul-aligned lives is wonderful."


Kerry, Therapist 

Intuitive Reader Training Testimonials

“I am in awe of how much I have learned and how much more confident and aligned I am with my higher purpose and highest good. I had an inkling I would be able to do this, but wasn’t sure quite how. With every new practice we were given, fear initially set in and I would think, will I really be able to do this? The more we practiced, that fear subsided and I began to trust and believe fully in my potential. This is such a huge gift and I am thankful for that. Desiree was so confident we could all do this, and that belief transpired into my believing in my abilities.  


This class was also so much fun, and each time we learned something new I felt like I got a new toy to play with.


Desiree is awesome, this class was amazing and I feel very fortunate to have had her as my teacher. ”


Nicole, Healer, on the Intuitive Reader Training Program

“I just want to say how grateful I am to have connected with Desiree and to have made my way into her class. Everything she has taught us has allowed for me to align more and more every day, and magical moments are happening with unprecedented ease. I deeply align with how she shares, what she shares and why she shares, and it all just feels right.” 

Shorne, Music Curator

“I’m thankful for Desiree showing us the way. My mind is blown daily ever since I started this course.” 


Rachel, Healer

“This class is a joy. I’m thankful for Desiree guiding us through it with such wisdom and grace.” 


Lizzie, Art Historian

“Desiree is so amazing at this. I’m so grateful to know her, and it’s so cool to watch her share this incredible gift!” 


Jane, Media Director 

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