Meet Your Soul Partner
Healing and Manifesting Meditation

Are you ready to attract the love of your life, that passionate, epic, conscious romantic partnership that most supports your fulfillment, your purpose, and your ascension?


One of the most powerful ways that we can align with this love relationship is through meeting, connecting, and communicating in the astral realm. The interactions between our spirits build, clarify and deepen our relationship, magnetizing it into our physical experience so we can be with our partner here on Earth in the most magical way.


Listen to this audio before bed to meet with your partner in dream time and receive "the one" in your life.

Psychic Protection Healing Audio (1).png
Psychic Protection Healing Audio

Raise Your Frequency to Stay Safe and Empowered

There are often many toxic and negative energies in our surroundings. If we don't protect ourselves, they can affect our work, relationships, health and mood.


This Channeled Source Energy Healing raises our frequency so we're not a match to psychic attacks and heavy influences.


Listen to this audio to empower yourself, stay safe and clear your aura.

Unite With Your Lover

The sequel to the Meet Your Soul Partner Audio!

When two souls come together, first the spirits and minds connect...then the emotions and bodies. That's why telepathy is so important in calling in and uniting with our soul partner.


It's also really important to bring the Higher Self knowing and understanding into the energetic self of each partner so that it can be transferred into human awareness. This leads to intuitive, inspired behaviors that serve the highest good of the relationship.


In this healing, we integrate the Higher Self, soul, and physical body of both you and your soul partner in order to set in motion the highest manifestation of the love you both desire.

Heart-Expanding Healing Audio.png
Heart-Expanding Healing Audio

Prepare Your Heart to Receive Love

Through this healing, we access our heart's full capacity to receive the love we choose to create in our romantic relationship, our friendships, our family, and our business partnerships.


Our heart's electromagnetic vibration has an incredible magnetic ability to attract anything into existence...this healing combines purification, energetic connection between the heart and our intuition and manifestation.

©2020 by Desiree Lanz. 

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