And the Priestess Ascends

Divine Feminine Empowerment Training

Embody your divine feminine priestess power



10 a.m. to

12 p.m. PST.


consecutive weeks

In this training...'ll break free from priestess wounds across all lifetimes, learn how to embody your holy, awakened Self, lead with love and power, rise into Sacred Union with Source Energy and embody your highest physical and energetic beauty inside and out.

Does this sound like you?

  • You're ready to let go of past pain - whether it be heartbreak, past-life issues, ancestral trauma, disempowerment or other feelings having to do with the violation of your sacred feminine.

  • You want to shape energy to your will - for the highest good of all.

  • You want to be so confident that nothing can throw you, and thus you can manifest your highest levels of creativity, visibility and leadership without fear and doubt getting in the way.

  • You want to understand the wisdom of your womb, your intuition, and your cycles.

  • You want to embody your sex goddess potentials.

  • You want to align with wealth using your gifts for service.

  • You want to feel beautiful, magnetic, desired, brilliant and captivating.

  • You want to use your creativity to offer unique, uplifting contributions to the universe.


You will:

  • Heal past wounding

  • Rise in sacred union with Source Energy

  • Embody your most liberated sensuality

  • Take your intuition to the next level

  • Practice and fine-tune magick

  • Align with your highest vocational purpose

  • Work with other realms and non-physical light beings

  • Heal with crystals, roses and other high-frequency physical and energetic tools

  • Learn new ways of manifesting

Image by Annie Spratt

Why You'll Love it:

  • You'll connect to what it really means to you to be POWERFUL - and to use it for good.

  • You'll achieve a state sovereign self-assuredness that attracts synchronicity, opportunities, big love, and wealth.

  • You'll let go of the past, forgive, move on, and be free.

  • You'll experience a space where it's safe and encouraged to FEEL and to use this sensitivity for transmutation and elevation of your consciousness.

You'll receive:

🗸 8 two-hour live online workshops


🗸 Membership to a Facebook group where you can stay in touch with your new community of empowered women


🗸 High-frequency light healings during the workshops


🗸 Weekly activities to help you apply the concepts to your life immediately

Investment: $500

(payable in two installments) 

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About Your Guide:

I am a channel for Source Energy, psychic, medium, energy healer, spiritual teacher and womb priestess.


I train lightworkers to harness their spiritual gifts so they can show up at their highest levels of skill, energetic frequency, fulfillment, passion, inspiration, creativity, authenticity, service and joy as intuitive healers and teachers.


I also help clients master manifestation to align with their highest desires and soul purpose.


Every experience, tool and healing is part of our path to embodying and teaching ascension.


My greatest satisfaction comes from facilitating the space for others to find their power, wield it and become unique masters of their own irreplaceable magick.

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©2020 by Desiree Lanz. 

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