Intuitive reader, channeler, medium, healer & writer

I’m an intuitive guide for being, doing and getting what our souls want. My work is to find the most efficient ways to balance emotion and thought so we operate from intuition and unconditional love, allowing us to create as the divine, ascended self and live as liberated light beings. My purpose is to awaken and remind people of their gifts, power and pure positive essence…to facilitate the co-creation, allowing and manifestation of dreams…and bridge communication between the Higher Self and human awareness to operate from aligned clarity and love. I partner with clients to resolve vibrational imbalances and fine-tune energy for lasting healing and evolution by manipulating the frequency and vibration of light.


I facilitate:


Finding the right relationship and thriving in it or an existing one

Communicating with souls on the other side

Tracing back origins of illness, ailments and harmful behaviors and resolving them from the root.

Emotional healing

Consciously manifesting

Living intuitively

Womb healing and women’s divine empowerment

Removing negative energies

Aligning with our life purpose

Overcoming obstacles

Intuitive advice and predictions

Spiritual mastery

©2020 by Desiree Lanz. 

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