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And the Priestess Ascends

Divine Feminine Empowerment Training
Embody your divine feminine priestess power

Starts January 3rd from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST. for 8 consecutive weeks
Investment: $500, payment plan available


In this training, you'll break free from priestess wounds across all lifetimes, learn how to embody your holy, awakened Self, lead with love and power, rise into Sacred Union with Source Energy and embody your highest physical and energetic beauty inside and out. Click the button below for more information. 

Ask Source Energy

Individual Readings and Group Energetic Forecast
Mondays 11AM - 11:45AM PST
Investment: $25


Source Energy is the highest form of guidance we can connect with. As an intuitive/psychic channel, I relay messages from Source to answer individual questions across any and all areas of life. I'll also share a collective energetic forecast of what we can expect that week, offering tools and exercises to make the most of the opportunities that arise in order to manifest our goals. All participants who book will receive a personal reading. Space is limited to only 8 people, so please book in advance! In an effort to help as many people as possible, this class will be led on Instagram Live @desireelanz . After you sign up, please email with the question you would like me to do the reading on and the name or nickname you would like me to use on IG Live when addressing your question. See you there!

Intuitive Reader Foundations Training
Starts: June 20th, 2020 (8 weeks)
Investment: $400


When we awaken to and learn to follow and ask our intuition, we join forces with the most helpful, loving and loyal energies that will always lead us to what we need and want for our healing and happiness. This training prepares students to be the most clear, accurate, reliable and gifted intuitives in the world. If you feel an inner pull to tap into your potential to channel, read energy, and be of service to yourself and others through opening this superpower within yourself, this program will cover everything it takes to have a long-lasting and healthy practice. 

Healing with Tarot
Saturdays 4:00PM PST
Investment: $25

Tarot cards represent archetypes of growth cycles within our experience, mirroring our struggles, successes and predictive outcomes. In this class, we pull a card for the energy of that week, go through the symbolism in order to interpret and apply it, and then practice exercises and healings to use its energy for our ascension. We will learn how to read and work with all 78 cards in a deck.

Power Animal
Mondays 7:30PM PST
Investment: $25

Animal spirit guides are expressions of Source Energy that come in to assist and enlighten us. They represent traits we are either already predominantly embodying or ones that would be good for us to express more of in order to become more empowered. Some animal spirit guides have been with us or around us since we were born; others come and go according to what we are manifesting, working on or healing at the time. In this class, we will intuitively look at what animal guides are working with our group, decode their messages and practice energy healing based on the insight we receive. 

Sex Goddess
Tuesdays 7:30PM PST
Investment: $33 for Week 1 / $25 per Subsequent Class

This is a healing pleasure class devoted to accessing our ecstasy and love of ourselves and our body. We have fun exploring our erotic imagination and how, through mastery of energy, we can use our life as a playground for our senses, our passion, our heart, our purpose-driven creativity and our love. Each week, we cover different energetic, intuitive and physical practices to support both our self pleasure and our experiences with a partner.

Candle Majick
Wednesdays 7:30PM PST (for 4 weeks)
Investment: $25

Fire has the power to transmute, amplify, clear and create. We can use it to detoxify energy, raise the energy of our intentions and read energy. In this class, we will learn fun, deep and special exercises to align with our desires and healing using candles, fire and the power of our positive intent. 

Akashic Record Group Reading
Every Friday 5:15PM PST
& Saturday 1:30PM PST

The Akashic Records are a realm of consciousness -- an energy field much like a hard drive -- that contains all information on our spirit's journey, including past lives, present circumstances and future possibilities. Akashic Record Group Healings and Readings are an opportunity to tap into our highest divine potential. By reading our spirit's blueprint for the paths to take on our highest mastery in our spirit's evolution, we will gather to find clarity and guidance on our questions for the good of the entire group and all of whom we touch with this newfound knowledge and healing.

Ask Source Energy is an advice platform featuring answers channeled directly from Source Energy for the universal benefit and expansion of all readers.

Email with the subject ASK SOURCE ENERGY for a chance to have your question anonymously published and answered.

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My work is to find the most efficient ways to balance emotion and thought so we operate from intuition and unconditional love, allowing us to create as the divine, ascended self. 

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