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Intuitive Reader Foundations Training
Starts: January 4, 2020


When we awaken to and learn to follow and ask our intuition, we join forces with the most helpful, loving and loyal energies that will always lead us to what we need and want for our healing and happiness. This training prepares students to be the most clear, accurate, reliable and gifted intuitives in the world. If you feel an inner pull to tap into your potential to channel, read energy, and be of service to yourself and others through opening this superpower within yourself, this program will cover everything it takes to have a long-lasting and healthy practice. 

Ask Source Energy is an advice column featuring answers channeled directly from Source Energy for the universal benefit and expansion of all readers.

Email with the subject ASK SOURCE ENERGY for a chance to have your question anonymously published and answered.

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About Desiree

My work is to find the most efficient ways to balance emotion and thought so we operate from intuition and unconditional love, allowing us to create as the divine, ascended self. 

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